Why was my credit card charged twice for my Costco.com order?

Credit Cards
Your credit card will be charged only after your item ships. When your order contains more than one item, Costco.com will charge your card for each item individually after it ships. Since shipping times vary by item, your credit card statement may reflect individual charges for each item as it is shipped.

Before your item ships, you'll notice a pre-authorization hold in the amount of your order on your card statement. The pre-authorization validates the credit card number, status, available credit line and billing information to ensure that it matches exactly what the bank or credit card company has on file. At this point your card hasn't been charged yet.

Once an authorization is received, you may notice a decrease in your available credit line. Your bank or credit card company may put a hold on this dollar amount for a specified period of time. Each financial institution has a different policy on the time period of authorization holds. Also, please note that before authorizing the final sale, your bank may attempt to contact you for additional information.

Debit Cards
When using a debit card, the full amount of the order will be deducted from your available balance upon authorization.

Contact your bank or credit card company directly to learn about their specific authorization policies.

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